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Sample Brevet of Membership

Classes of Membership

Class 1 - Hereditary

Noble by Title: Recognized titles of nobility from Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and other lands whether hereditary or legally confirmed by the country of residence.

Noble by Tradition: Those persons ennobled by a Grant of Arms of the Lord Lyon of Scotland, the Chief Herald of Ireland, the Royal College of Arms, and other recognized national agencies of good repute whether governmental or private, including recognized religious grants by the Church of England, Ireland or Scotland, the Catholic Church and similar entities of international recognition and respect.

Proven lineage from a former Celtic King, Prince or Lord.  Full genealogical proof is required through the paternal or maternal bloodline.  Admission to Class 1 under this guideline is at the sole discretion of the Chancellor.

Persons who have achieved Knightly Rank in a recognized international chivalric or religious Order, and who is of proven Celtic heritage.

Class 2 (Non hereditary)

Persons of proven Celtic descent and of suitable  stature and standing in their communities by virtue of profession or accomplishment.

Persons of less than Knightly Rank in Orders as outlined above.

Persons holding membership in nationally or internationally recognized hereditary societies with proven Celtic descent.

Class 3 (Non Hereditary)

Persons of Celtic descent in good standing in their communities.

Persons of non-Celtic descent who are in good standing in their communities, and who exhibit sincere interest in Celtic history and heritage.



Honorary Members

Honorary Members may be nominated to membership by any Class 1 member.  Confirmation and invitation is solely the right of the Chancery.  Honorary members are exempt from fees and oblations.

Honorary membership is generally offered to titled Celtic nobles, high ranking members of international chivalric orders, and other persons of great standing.

Life Membership.

Life membership is available in all classes of the Society.  Life membership may be transferred without fee to a designated heir for one generation.  Persons with life membership or at least five yars of continued membership or service are eligivle to serve as officers in the Croporation.



Postnominal Designations

Patron          PNSC

Noble Advisor      NANSC

Class 1          NSC

Class 1 Designated Heir         NSC(Hon)

Class 2         SC

Class 3          SC

Life Member     LMNSC, LMSC, etc.

Ranking of membership on formal occasions shall be as above, and within each rank by order of admission into the Society.  All shall be preceded by the current officers as shown on the members pages.          


Designated Heirs

Class 1 Members - Heirs designate of Class 1 members are not automatically admitted into the Society until they inherit their membership, however they shall be known as Hereditary Honorees until the passing of their Sponsor, at which time they shall apply to the Chancery to be admitted to the full rank of Class 1.  If a member does not designate an heir, their membership shall cease creating a space for a new member

Admission to the Society

Requests for admission should be made in writing.  A request for an admission application may be made electronically by clicking the address below the icon on the upper left of this page.  The form must be completely executed and include any documentation to support the desired class of entry.

The Society  retains the right to withhold membership to any person without cause