Honors and Awards of the Society

The Society has an internal system of awards to recognize members (and in extraordinary circumstances, non-members) for outstanding achievement in support of the Goals of the Society.


The Awards are:

The Honor of the Golden Torc [Founded 2012 in anticipation of the 20th Anniversary of the Society.]  This Award is the highest honor given by the Soceity.  It is granted by the Honorary Chieftain on the recommendation of the Chancery.

Of the Gold Branch [Founded 1994]  for major, significant and continuing contributions to the Celtic Culture in the Arts or Literature.

Of the Silver Branch, as above, for important contributions to the Celtic Culture

Of the Bronze Branch, for a significant single contribution to the arts and culture of the Celtic Community

The Branch Awards are nominated by a committee of not more than 5 members and shall include either or both the Ard-Filea and the Ard-Seanacha and at least 1 voting member of the Executive Committee.    Members of the committee are called to serve as needed by the Chancellor.

Certificates of Appreciation and Achievement may be awarded from time to time to members and non-members in recognition of their contributions to the goas of the Soceity.